Resin for 350°F Composites
The NONA process reduces capital costs and opens design possibilities.
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With NONA I Can…
make high performance composites in my shop without an oven; have a NONA team come to my shop, make a composite tool, and then leave; do more development activity without competing for the production autoclave; get a quicker turn time on my molds with NONA’s faster cure; start manufacturing in parallel production lines or even in the field; stop worrying about outgrowing my last oven or autoclave purchase

No-Oven No-Autoclave Composite Solutions

We are a value-engineering company that provides composite fabrication solutions. Our products and processes enable new design options, save time, and lower capital costs.

We provide complete training to help implement NONA into your current or new production line.


The NONA process frees manufacturing from heating elements. Larger structures and faster production are possible.


The NONA composites process is designed to easily fit into current production lines for multiple industries.